Selwyn Levick

15th October,1940 to 7th April, 2012

In memory of our founder, Selwyn Levick

“Selwyn Levick, our beloved group founder, was born in 1940 as an only child to Beryl and Esther in Johannesburg. Selwyn married Cherie Berman in 1966 and moved to Benoni.

Selwyn and Cherie are the proud parents of three children, Beverley, Martin and Gary.

At an early age, Selwyn sadly lost his Mom and quickly learned the importance of standing on his own two feet.

Beryl was a hardworking man in the construction industry. He built many landmark buildings in South Africa. Being such a hardworking man, Beryl had no choice but to send Selwyn to Herber House boarding school. It was through these years that Selwyn learned to be independent. Selwyn and Beryl communicated extremely regularly by letter to keep abreast of one another lives. This taught his family the importance of communication and closeness which is one of the key values in The Genesis Group today.

These circumstances contributed to Selwyn’s character and value system. He was an honest and hardworking man. These are also values entrenched in the fibre of The Genesis Groups’ value system.

Selwyn was a kind and humble man and always went out of his way to assist others in need.

He taught us that our name was one of the most important possessions that one has and you should take pride in looking after and protecting your name.

Selwyn always found the time to spend on the smallest matters and had an incredible attention to detail in all respects.

Selwyn taught us to respect all people regardless of race, creed, colour or financial standing.

Selwyn was a community leader – he continually contributed to different elements of the community.

Selwyn always taught us to do the right thing before passing an opinion or making any judgement calls.

Many of the lessons learned have been embedded into The Genesis Groups culture and as we conduct our daily tasks we continually think of how Selwyn would have handled the matter at hand.

He took enormous pride in the Genesis Capital Group and one of his greatest wishes was to see the group prosper and grow from strength to strength. Selwyn had extremely close relationships with individuals within The Genesis Group, partners and friends.

We will always remember Selwyn as our founding father and leader whose memory brings a smile to our faces and we will continue to work professionally and diligently to build The Genesis Group into a formidable world class organisation. R.I.P.

The Genesis Capital Family.